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Erica Liu Williams: Being Bold and Doing Something Different

Episode Summary

Erica Liu Williams, founder and head chef of gr8nola, is a former Olympic Trials and Stanford swimmer who ditched the tech industry to start her own granola brand. Super passionate about health, wellness & fitness, she set out to create a palatable snack that was healthy and not full of artificial sugars. The result, gr8nola, now a thriving brand that is available in the kitchen of some of the highest profile brands in the world, like Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Square, Dropbox, Google and more. Her story is inspiring and a great reminder that if you lean-in, anything is possible.

Episode Notes

Erica Liu Williams has a unique story. One that took her from the Olympic pool, to Silicon Valley and now a kitchen where she’s the head chef and founder of Gr8nola. Erica recently sat down with us and talked about being bold, doing something different and dealing with imposter syndrome.   Additionally, Erica talks about starting her business, what makes her granola “clean”, and how in the end hard work always pays off.

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