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Todd Herman - The Power of the Alter Ego and Creating an Identity to Be Successful

Episode Summary

Todd Herman has helped tens of thousands of people achieve their most ambitious goals by becoming more resilient, creative, confident, and courageous. He helps ambitious people and companies do hard things. On this episode of Inspiring Lives, Todd Hermann discusses the power of the Alter Ego and the significance it can have on success. Todd also talks about ditching the idea of “Authentic Self” and how to push through your comfort zone. Listen, learn, and enjoy.

Episode Notes

Todd Hermann is the author of The Alter Ego Effect. Creator of 90 Day Year and dad of three. Todd has dedicated twenty plus years working with world class athletes and business executives at the highest levels.

This episode features amazing advice on channeling your inner Alter Ego and finding success even during difficult times.

In this episode we cover
[00:02:03] - Who is Todd Hermann?
[00:02:52] - The Power of the Alter Ego
[00:09:16] - Is the Alter Ego the Same as Identity?
[00:11:53] - Can You Have Multiple Alter Egos?
[00:16:30] - Separating Your Personal Personas + Wearing Multiple “Uniforms”
[00:21:55] - The Significance of a Prop or Totem and Activating Your Alter Ego
[00:29:47] - Naming Your Alter Ego
[00:35:28] - Dealing with Imposter Syndrome + Your Alter Egos Enemy
[00:45:04] - Dealing with Past Trauma and Life’s Challenges
[00:48:53] - Core Drivers: Finding a Purpose and Mission for Your Alter Ego
[00:54:39] - Building Context Around Your Alter Ego to Become Successful
[00:57:39] - Abandoning the Idea of Authentic Self
[01:00:49] - The Power of Gratitude and a Handwritten Note
[01:04:37] - The Green Room with Taylor

Where to find Todd

Twitter: @todd_hermann
Instagram: @todd_herman
Facebook: @toddhermanconnect

Full Transcription

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